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“I absolutely LOVE the Shui Me diffusers which I’ve been using to create beautiful natural smelling bathrooms in my home.”
Rachel Elnaugh, Evolutionary Entrepreneur and former BBCTV’s Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’

Shui Me is a multi-award winning range of luxury, organic, long lasting aromatherapy reed diffusers that harness the aromatic power of plants to help you achieve a more balanced mood and outlook.

We are so proud and honoured that Shui Me is the exclusive My Green Pod Hero.


Shui Me latest awards

Here’s where the art of aromatherapy meets the harmonising intentions of Feng Shui. Using 100% pure organic essential oils, we’ve developed three heavenly blends: Relax, Purity and Uplift. Each one supports a different aspect of your wellbeing to help bring balance to your mind, body and home.

  • LONGER LASTING – 100ml lasts up to 4 months or more. 50ml (sample) lasts up to 2 months or more – twice as long as most leading alcohol based reed diffusers
  • Made with 100% pure organic essential oils
  • Luxurious therapeutic aroma – pure, clean and untainted
  • Bring the experience of a Spa day into your home or office 24 hours a day
  • Alcohol free base oil derived from sustainable sources
  • Eco-friendly

Shui Me 2019 Awards:

Shui Me latest awards



Find comfort in nature’s most soothing plants and flowers. Relax combines the loving care of lavender, the light touch of ylang ylang and the aromatic embrace of petitgrain. The perfect recipe for tranquillity.

Perfect for: your bedroom – to aid deep sleep and a zen-like start to your morning.

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Let the welcoming scent of Purity fill the air. Citronella, lemongrass and sweet basil help purge stale negativity, guiding you towards a clear, focused and positive mindset.

Perfect for: your bathroom – to wash away worries and wave goodbye to odours.

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Bliss is merely a breath away. Inhale deep , and be lifted by nature’s aromatic optimists. Rich cedarwood and bright bergamot are waiting to raise you up – to a place of sunshine and smiles where your spirit can be free.

Perfect for: your living room – Sink into the sofa, shed the day’s stress, and say hello to a brighter mood.

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Shui Me’s therapeutic oils (suspended in an eco-friendly base oil) are simply absorbed up through natural reeds to infuse your room with a delicious and lasting aroma.

Enjoy purer, longer-lasting aromas

Shui Me diffusers feature a sustainably sourced, alcohol-free base oil to bring you:

  • Superior, untainted scent
  • Longer lifespan – up to 4 months or more
  • An eco-friendly, non-toxic product

A safe and convenient alternative to scented candles and oil burners, our diffusers impart a consistent level of fragrance without the need for a flame.

Bath Artisan Winter MarketWe’re at Bath Artisan Market in Queens Square on the following dates:

  • Sunday 20th October (Abbey Green, Bath)
  • Saturday 2nd November
  • Saturday 7th December



We are so thrilled to be trading at the world famous Jubilee Market in London’s Covent Garden on the following dates.Jubilee Market logo

  • Saturday 19th October
  • Saturday 26th October
  • Sunday 27th October
  • Sunday 3rd November
  • Saturday 9th November
  • Sunday 10th November
  • Saturday 16th November
  • Sunday 17th November
  • Saturday 23rd November
  • Sunday 24th November
  • Sunday 1st December
  • Sunday 8th December
  • Saturday 14th December
  • Sunday 15th December
  • Saturday 21st December
  • Sunday 22nd December





St Peter’s Hospice Christmas Market

Saturday 30th November, 2019
Join us for the 39th annual St Peter’s Hospice Christmas Market in Ashton Court House, Ashton Court Estate, Bristol!