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Shui Me Purity has won the following awards:

2019 Janey Loves Platinum Awards ‘WINNER’ for ‘Natural Household Aroma’
2019 Mama & Baby Awards ‘WINNER’ for ‘Best Reed Diffuser’

2018 Mama & Baby awards ‘Finalist’ for ‘Best Aromatherapy Product’
2017 Janey Loves Platinum Awards ‘Gold’ for ‘Best Natural Household Aroma’
2016 Janey Loves Platinum Awards ‘WINNER’ for ‘Best Natural Household Aroma’

Let the clean scent of Purity fill the air. Citronella, lemongrass and sweet basil help purge stale negativity, guiding you towards a clear and positive mindset. A burst of fresh citrus to unclutter your thoughts and sharpen your focus!

100ml lasts up to 4 months or more.
50ml (sample) lasts up to 2 months or more.
(at least twice as long as most alcohol based reed diffusers)


Shui Me Purity – multi-award winning luxury, organic, aromatherapy reed diffuser

Refresh with zesty citronella, lemongrass and sweet basil

Shui Me’s Purity reed diffuser delivers a refreshing blend of pure organic essential oils, designed to cleanse and bring focus. Purity may help you:

  • Concentrate better
  • Feel more alert and confident

A clean burst of citrus, Purity combats odours, making it perfect for your bathroom. It’s also a natural yet effective way to ward off flies and insects.

Aroma notes

Citronella (Cymbopogon Nardus): citrus, fruity
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus): fresh, lemon, earthy
Sweet basil (Ocimum Basilicum): herbaceous

How our reed diffusers work

Shui Me diffusers absorb their essential oil blend through natural reeds, then release it slowly into your room for a delicious and consistent aroma.

The Shui Me difference 

Shui Me diffusers feature a sustainably sourced, alcohol-free base oil to bring you:

  • LONGER LASTING – lasts up to 4 months or more – twice as long as most alcohol based reed diffusers. Just £2.80 a week compared to other leading alcohol based reed diffusers which cost upwards of £3.50 per week – Shui Me offers you so much more… for so much less
  • Luxurious therapeutic aroma filling your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • An eco-friendly product

Comes with 2 sets of reeds (change the reeds after 2 months for optimum therapeutic aromas)

Shui Me officially launched to the trade at the Natural & Organic Products Show at London’s ExCel on April 17th and at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival at London’s Olympia on April 29th.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

100ml, 50ml

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  1. J Scott

    Purity is a brilliant reed diffuser to have in the bathroom and you can really smell it and it makes you feel relaxed. A friend of mine loves hers. I’m so glad I found Shui Me.

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  2. Jane S

    I have mine in my bathroom and people who visit are always commenting on how lovely the smell is

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  3. Customer

    Amazing products. Definitely value for money! Would not be without mine after a hard day at work! Original, creative and award winning. Definitely recommend and to be honest I’m not really one for these types of products.

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  4. Rachel Elnaugh, Evolutionary Entrepreneur and former BBCTV’s Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’

    I absolutely LOVE the Shui Me diffusers which I’ve been using to create beautiful natural smelling bathrooms in my home.

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  5. Sarah W

    Great product, I have it in my office and totally changes the feel of the room making it a more personal space. I would highly recommend and will try other products in the range too.

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  6. JB

    I bought the Shui Me “Purity” reed diffuser at an event, and I was really impressed straight away. I’ve always purchased reed diffusers, and while they smell nice, they just don’t last. These ones from Shui Me are a cut above any other that I’ve used. I assume it’s down to the lack of alcohol – these are 100% essential oil, and it really makes a difference. I got the larger bottle, and it lasted for 6 months, where as I’ve found alcohol based ones last only a couple of months.

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  7. C Jay

    Just got my first Shui Me Purity diffuser…already the smell is divine!! It is vibrant and awakens your senses…let’s hope it keeps these spiders away!! Love, love, love!! Highly recommend!!

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  8. Customer

    Wonderful blend of aromas. I have to keep walking past it a hundred times a day because it smells so good. Last for ages too which is a bonus!!

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  9. Customer

    Bought this for my mum, it’s lovely I can really smell it everytime I go round her house

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  10. Marie

    This is a lovely reed diffuser that last a long time and a beautiful smell.

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  11. Tina B

    Shui Me diffusers are fresh individual and so lovely to come home to! Unlike all other reed diffusers these remain as noticeable and fresh as day 1, for both days and weeks!

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  12. Jane

    I have the lemongrass reed diffuser and I love it! Whenever anyone visits they always comment on the wonderful fragrance. I have had this since June and so far only a small amount has evaporated, making it very good value for money. When I think of how much I spend on the wall plug in’s each time; I will now save on electric and money! It’s great to know that these wonderful fragrances are natural too, you can tell from the scent the moment you open the bottle. I would most certainly recommend!

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